Friday, 12 December 2014



        This is one name which has turned out to be a curse to people. 5 years before, no one would have thought the name “Shashi” will be looked down up on.

     In today’s kerala, one is referred to as shashi when one is taken for a ride by someone else. For instance, if a girl dumps a guy, the guy becomes “Shashi” J. It can also be used when one makes a fool out of oneself.

    This name has been made fun of so much that it no more suits a person in a position of power or respect. For instance, if you introduce yourself as “Hi, I am the director of XYZ company. My name is Shashi”. The person you are talking to will suppress a smirk especially if he/she is a youngster.

    The only person remaining in Kerala who still commands respect and repute with the same name is Mr.Shashi Tharoor which implies his achievements are of such scale. Else he also would have come under the fun curse of “Shashi”! J.

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