Sunday, 21 December 2014

Kerala’s George Clooneys

Kerala’s George Clooneys

        We have our own Clooneys who are always ‘Up in the air’ J. They are what we call ‘Chethu karan’ chettan. Due to their profession, they spend more time on coconut tree tops than on the land. They extract ‘Kallu’ which is native toddy from the coconut trees.

        I would say they were the first visionaries of the mallu land, quite literally so ;) . Their line of sight were always above and beyond us, the mango people. Owing to this ability to ‘foresee’ things, it is said they were privy to many family secrets of olden times ;). They were the first of its kind drones or ‘eyes in the sky’ as the world calls it these days J.

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