Friday, 5 December 2014



        ‘Ola’ is neither a way of greeting in Kerala nor a cab service. It is the leaf of coconut tree. We all have fond memories of playing with toys made of ‘Ola’. I don’t know how many of today’s generation have seen them. Toys ranging from balls to Kattadi(sort of a small windmill) to watches can be made from Ola.

        The picture shows the new logo of Cohin Airport. I am in love with the creativity here. How better can Kerala and aviation be represented together? It is a plane made of Ola J

There is also a usage in Malayalam called ‘Ola Pampu’(snake made of Ola). This refers to a phoney tactic to scare people. People often say “ I won’t get scared seeing this ola pampu that you are showing” J

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