Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dubai Duty free

Dubai Duty free

        A large section of kerala population lives in the Gulf of middle east (‘Gelf’ as we mallus say it). When I say a large section, it means at least one member from a family! Due to this, there are many aspects of the gulf culture which are familiar to the mallus, be it kubboos, shawarma or saying Aiwa J.

        The picture here shows a duty free carry bag. There was a time when this became an integral part of our existence. For many of us, seeing this cover at home meant that our father or an uncle or aunt has come home for leave J. Then begins, the search for goodies – chocolates, perfumes, toys, videogames and what not.  People even used to carry a bunch of these covers to distribute among relatives. There was a scent which these covers brought along – the scent of the deserts of the gulf J.

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