Friday, 26 December 2014



We being a state blessed with a head to toe coastal line, fish is a staple diet in Kerala. It comes in fried and curry form. The preparation of fish with ‘Kudampuli’ is a Kerala delicacy. 'Karimeen fry' is synonymous with Kerala coastal tourism too.  Of the many similarities between Bengal and Kerala, liking for fish is one.

There are people whom we call ‘Meenkaran’ chettan (Fisherman) who bring fishes to houses from the coasts. They used to come on cycles earlier. Now they have begun to use motorcycles. But one thing has not changed. The way they indicate their arrival. They make this loud howling sort of sound – ‘pooooiii’ and the people come out to buy fish.Even though people in the house will be alert about his arrival, equally alert are the cats and dogs. They await for one or two fish that the meenkaran might throw at them.

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