Tuesday, 23 February 2016

New Gen!

New Gen!

              This is the time of ‘New Generation’ wave in Kerala. Anything and everything is New Gen to the extent that it has almost become part of a present day malayalee’s lexicon. Allow me to elaborate on various aspects of New Gen. 

           These days, the famed lungies of kerala are a disappearing attire. They have been replaced by shorts and track suits. It is beneath the new gen to wear lungies. Thankfully, they still wear Mundu(dhoti) proudly during Onam celebrations in their colleges. 

           Further to this, they have done away with the endearing ‘Chetta’ term. Even if you are elder to a person by a month or a decade, you will be invariably called ‘Bro’! And if you are someone who has a special place in their hearts, then you become  a ‘chunk’ or a ‘freak’ with random numbers of alphabet ‘z’ before and after. Illustration :  ^^^^^zzchunkzzzz, freakzzzzzz#####~~~~~. This expression is usually found on Facebook. 

              Also, it is mandatory for these youngsters to be part of at least one short film. If not, a photoshoot where in these people will be staring you down with different ‘attitudes’. Do not miss the hairdo in these pics. You might think they are carrying a Pomeranian puppy on their heads. Nope, it is just a hairstyle :)

              When so much is happening around, how can Malayalam cinema go unaffected? Infact, the term newgen was coined to depict cinemas of today. The speciality of these films is that the hero will not wear a mundu. He will sport boxers! Malayalam cinema has much to thank Fahad Fazil for this. Also, the only relationships portrayed in the films will be of friends. There won’t be any character playing a mother’s role or a father’s role. There is no question of extended family or siblings.

          Another newgen transition that has happened is that the ‘thattu kadas’ have now moved inside the malls from the road sides. Also, the wedding photo shoots that have emerged. About that, we shall discuss in another blog.