Wednesday, 16 December 2015

24 Hours!

24 Hours!

        Twenty four hours is a significant duration of time in God’s own country. It is as much time our officers take to crack a case in Kerala. Yes you read it right. Our police force is at par with the Scotland Yard police force. Within that time, we prove crimes in Kerala; however hardened a criminal is or however twisted a crime is!

        Now how did we arrive at this time frame? Did we do some sort of analysis? Is it some sort of a global benchmark? Of course not! We arrived at this 24 hours with the help of movies.

        Right from as long as Malayalam movies with police officer protagonist have existed, there is one constant dialogue that rings in the theatres. “24 manikoorinullil, ithu njan kandu pidichirikkum” ( Rough  translation ~ I will crack this case in 24 hours). Be it Suresh Gopi who kind of is the Gold standard in Malayalam cinema Police officer roles or the new gen police officers, every one sticks to 24 hours rule. If the movie is a political drama, there will be at least one scene where the home minister generously gives 24 hours’ time to a police officer.

        Now what will happen if a Hartal is announced in between this 24 hours duration? What a question! Ofcourse, we push the deadline and tune in to Asianet with a plate of Porotta and that which must not be named!