Sunday, 14 December 2014

Fathima & Mehruba

Fathima & Mehruba

        Those are not the names of two political figures who have had immense influence on the Kerala landscape. Neither are they two journalists who were the gate keepers of Kerala conscience. But, those are names of two albums which became a rage across the state J.

       That was a time when all the malyalees were humming the tunes of Fathima & Mehruba. From the autos to the Sedans to the public transport buses, the speakers were singing out loud the lyrics of these two albums. There were many other fabulous albums like “Sundariye vaa” and many from East Coast.

    That was a time when our language Malayalam was being used increasingly lesser by the modern generation. Such artistic excellence acted as positive interventions towards viewing Malayalam in a much endearing light.

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