Sunday, 10 November 2013

Soda Sarvath

Soda Sarvath

                   Yes, you read it right. It is Sarvath in mallu parlance and not Sharbath J. Shops selling this drink used to be a usual sighting on the Kerala roads although not much these days.

Much before the Pepsis and Coca Colas of the world came in, this was Kerala’s own aerated drink. A little bit of sweetness from the Sharbath and a lot of fizz given by the Soda.

          It is such a refreshing drink with no known ill effects. If the shopkeeper is generous enough, he will add a dash of lime to it which gives a whole new taste to the drink.

          These shops find their place mostly nearby schools. The clinking of the Sharbath bottles and the glasses with the sweet aroma of the Sharbath is sure to stir a small whirlpool of nostalgia in every malayalee’s mind.

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