Tuesday, 14 March 2017

My son has become a Dulquer!

My son has become a Dulquer!

It was a family function and I happened to overhear an uncle saying this” My son has become a Dulquer”. Intrigued, I went ahead and asked him as to why he says so.

Uncle went on to explain “All the time, my son roams around on a bike. From time to time, he tells his mother that he wants “space” and “freedom”. Our house is quite big. I don’t know why he says that. And freedom from what? The British? Then he says that it is his life, his decisions, his individuality and his destiny. I agree to all of that. But does he know anything about his destiny? Where he is headed? Also, he says he wants to do things differently. That is what all youngsters are saying these days. If all of them start doing things differently, won’t all of them again become similar? Isn’t these things that Dulquer Salman says in his movies? That’s why I say my son has become a Dulquer”

Listening to that uncle, I couldn’t stop laughing. The way he told all of this much more hilarious in person. Imagine the above dialogues in the voice over of Innocent or Lalu alex. You get the drift? That’s how funny it was.

p.s. Dulquer is one of the most successful stars in the Malayalam film industry now. He is doing very well for himself inspite of being his father’s son, not because of it. So I don’t agree with the uncle here. But that dialogue, “My son has become a Dulquer”is quite insightful and humorous all at once!