Wednesday, 5 November 2014



One of the reasons why most of us mallus have a dog is to fend off people who come home asking for money. No, I am not talking about beggars here or those who are in trouble financially. Most mallus are large hearted enough to help out those people.

There are a group of people who come to mallu homes and ask for money not for themselves but for the ‘development of the society’. They come home asking for ‘pirivu’ or ‘sambhavana’. For instance if there is a festival that is happening in the locality, all the houses should pitch in for this. The same applies for political functions too. How much of this actually goes in to the cause is debatable though.

The people who come for collecting ‘sambhavana’ are the best financial analysts you can find. At one glance of the house, they will deduce how much the person residing there can contribute. They are talented negotiators too. They beg, plead and at times threaten (mildly though) ;).

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