Monday, 24 November 2014

Santhoshamayi Gopiyetta!

Santhoshamayi Gopiyetta!

We mallus are quite crazy about our films. Malayalam film industry is quite a vibrant one. As much there are those class of films which win national awards year after year, there are commercial films too. Due to this, they have become a major influence in our day to day lives.

The title of this blog is one such snippet from a movie. It literally means “(elder bro) Gopi, I am happy”. But today, it is used in a much more comical way. People use this phrase quite often these days to express disappointment in a comical way. For instance, if your friend ditches you, you may tell him, “Santhoshamayi Gopietta!”. If your father promised to buy you a bike and went back on his words in the last minute, you may tell him “Santhoshamayi Gopietta” but ofcourse, from an arm’s distance J

p.s. Don't forget to breathe heavily when you say this dialogue ;)

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