Sunday, 9 November 2014

Kiss of Love???

Kiss of Love???

        There was a recent campaign held in Cochin called ‘Kiss of Love’ which was a message against moral policing prevalent in our society. We mallus have a strange kind of moral conscience. We are one of the largest, highly educated communities in the country. But when it comes to matters concerning Love, we go back a decade. I think whatever conflict happened had more to do with the expression of love than love itself.

If you have paid attention, we mallus don’t hug. For that matter, it is a bit difficult for a large majority of us to express love. We do care deeply about people close to us. But when it comes to the physical expression of it, we shy away.

Even when it comes to elders, we show respect in very subtle ways. Many of us do standup when an elderly person walks in. But to touch their feet, it has to be a wedding or a ceremony. This is the reason why many mallu parents get a shock when their children’s friends from other states come and touch their feet. If they are of opposite sex, the mallu mother considers it as a marriage proposal! J

So one has to be a bit aware when it comes to physical expression of Love in God’s own country.

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