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There is no other state in India where ‘Mimicry’ has as much popularity as it has in Kerala. In most of the other states, it goes only as far to imitate film stars. But in Kerala, it has evolved to be an art form on its own – with variants ranging from skits inspired from politicians to socially relevant themes.

Mimicry became so popular that it became a grooming ground for aspiring film stars like Jayaram and Dileep who made it big in the malayalam film industry. 'Kalabhavan' played a huge role in popularizing this art form. Another great artist from this organization is Mani.

Those of us who would have seen the local temple festivals in the late 1990s and even early 2000s would fondly remember the ‘mimics parade’ which used to be held on temple grounds. They became such a rage that there were Video Cassettes released during that time. There are certain characters who were born out of mimicry directly to mallu hearts like Amina thatha and Ayyappa baiju more recently. We will read about them in the upcoming blogs :)

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