Saturday, 30 August 2014

Mazha Mazha Kuda Kuda

Mazha Mazha Kuda Kuda

        ‘Kuda’ is umbrella in Malayalam. We take this accessory a tad bit too seriously. To the extent that this small state of Kerala is home to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of umbrellas. Just before monsoon sets in, there are Ad campaigns on all major media channels in Kerala which will put any FMCG company to shame. You hear about them on TV, Newspaper, Radio and may be on internet too these days.The one that you see in the pic is known as 'Kalan Kuda'. The name is such due to the shape of the handle of the umbrella.

        We take our ‘Kuda’s seriously for a reason. Kerala is a state where it rains for about half of the year. And it is not that it drizzles, it pours to the extent that most Kerala rains are mini cloud bursts. So in other parts of the country, if you see someone with an umbrella claiming position of prominence in their home, more often than not, he/she will be a mallu.

        The influence of umbrellas is so much that in festivals; umbrellas have a pride place atop the elephants. There used to be a time when the Malayalam film heroines will have two accessories with them without fail – a handbag and an umbrella! 

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