Tuesday, 6 August 2013



          For the uninitiated, for those who are not from the God’s own country, the title of the blog is how we essentially wish each other. I would rather say that is how we are supposed to wish each other. But we never do!

Namaskaram,Malayalee,Kerala,Blog on Kerala,Malayali Blog, blog on malayalees, blog on kerala        The protocol says we fold our hands in reverence and keep it close to our chest just like people do in any other state. But in Kerala these days, nobody does it. At the max, one might keep the right hand closer to chest and say a timid incomprehensible “Namaskaram undu” of course at the risk of being counted as a 90’s being.

        Blame it on the excess of education; the youngsters very rarely use this form of salutation. Worse, it is said in a way which is more a taunt than a way of wishing someone.

      There are many such trivial yet interesting aspects that concerns a malayali. More such facets in the later blogs :)

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