Sunday, 18 August 2013

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf

        On special occasions, we don’t use plates to have food. We stick to banana leaves. It is eco-friendly, non polluting and green in every sense of the word J.

banana,banana leaf,kerala,sadhya,sadya,kerala sadya,kerala sadhya        One might think the various curries are randomly put on the banana leaf. That is not the case. Each curry has its position. The idea is that starters, pickles – in general, those dishes which are to be consumed in lesser quantities will be placed in the beginning of the leaf. The larger dishes pan out on the latter side. Rice occupies the center stage.

        There are two broad types of banana leaves – One which has a light green shade and the other, a dark green. The light green which is a new leaf demands a premium. At times, to parcel food, this leaf is heated slightly so that it doesn't tear. Also the food remains fresh.

        There are ways in which you use the leaf too. One should always keep the beginning (narrow end) of the leaf towards one’s left side while having food. Also, once done with a sumptuous lunch, the leaf needs to be folded away from you and not towards you.

       Managing the Sambar and other free flowing curries on a banana leaf requires as much skill as maneuvering a Chinese chopstick.

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  1. Good one... I think u could have added the nutritional benefits apart, its a complete meal w.r.t the nutrition,given the papad, olan and paruppu add itself to the protein percentage - Parvathy.