Saturday, 10 August 2013

Half a minute weddings

Half a minute weddings

        I think we malayalees have the shortest weddings. Once a friend of mine from the northern part of India came for a relative’s wedding. When the music of the muhurtham started, I told him marriage is about to happen and he started adjusting his camera. By the time he was ready to click away, the wedding was over J.

Pink Lungy, Malayalee weddings, fun blog on malayalees,funny blog on kerala        All the weddings happen in a rush. As soon as the exchange of garlands happen, the people split in two directions. One, towards the sumptuous lunch (sadya) and the other, towards the stage to wish the newly wed. We do both in a rush. If you take more time to wish the couple, the photographers will shoo you away and if you take too much time to have the lunch, people standing behind your seats will ensure you finish your payasam fast J.

        Having said all this, our fast forward weddings are much better than the 2-3 days ordeal the other state couples are made to go through!

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  1. Pinklungy - ha ha .. I am off to kerala for a half a minute wedding.. i hope i don't miss ..

    I really love your blog !!

    1. he he that's sweet of you Sangeeta
      pls ensure u dnt miss the sadya ;)