Saturday, 17 August 2013

Aana Vandi

Aana Vandi

        That is how the State Government buses are known as in God’s own country. The all too familiar red and yellow painted buses and some of them are green depending on the speed limits they follow and the duration they take to cover a distance.

ksrtc,aana vandi,kerala transport,        I think the term ‘Aana vandi’ comes from the logo that goes on the buses which is the Logo of the Government. The logo has elephants in it. It might be a term used in a degrading manner as well.

        I must say the Government buses are pretty well maintained given the pot hole filled roads they are made to run through. The drivers do deserve a salute from all of us for taking us through the tough terrains that is the state road!

        There are two interesting aspects about these buses which one notices only if one goes out of state. One is the fact that we call them ‘Transport buses’ .I am pretty sure no other people in any part of the world do. It is like calling a Toyota car as ‘Automobile Corolla’!.

       The other interesting aspect is that our transport buses and even private buses use shutters and Tarpaulins as window shields. Step out of Kerala and you will find only glasses in their place. J

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