Wednesday, 7 August 2013

9 yards of Chauvinism

          9 yards of Chauvinism

        This is one attire the men of other places envy the quintessential Kerala male for – the Mundu. The most liberating piece of clothing, in the true sense of the word ;)

        It is not the piece of clothing which makes it interesting. Neither is the way it is worn which intrigues people. But the second fold that happens is what people from outside of the state finds puzzling. It is like those Scottish kilts. One understands the fashion reasoning of it only if one belongs to that place.  

        There are even various styles of how people manoeuvre this delicate piece of clothing. Some hold the tip of it while walking. Some others double fold it. There are people who tuck an end in between their ribs and biceps too.

        There is this interesting aspect of showing respect too using the mundu. In the presence of an elder person, the younger one never double folds his mundu. If it is double folded, it is either un done or atleast an effort is displayed to undo it.

There is an age when a guy starts wearing a mundu, mostly by high school and it is then that he comes of age. Till date, wearing a mundu remains the most understated display of chauvinism in God’s own country.

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