Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Thattu Kada, The Heavenly eateries in Kerala

Thattu Kada

If you travel across Kerala especially in the nights, you will see roadside eateries. These eateries are called ‘thattu kada’. These shops serve mouthwatering food. They will be very brightly lit and a lavish spread will be available. It is something to be learned as to how they manage to wrap up all of the equipments and put them in to a small cart. Another interesting thing is these shops come alive only in the evening. In the mornings, they easily camouflage in to the background of a bus stop or a tree’s shade.

There will be a cook who will be dishing out ‘dosas’ or ‘omlets’ or ‘appams’. He might also be steaming the ‘idlis’ , ‘puttu’ or frying meat too.  Then there is a person who takes orders and collects cash. This person has to be really good at multi taking and memorizing. These people have to be extremely fast because there aren’t enough seats to accommodate more people.

These ‘thattu kadas’ are Kerala’s own fast food joints J.

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