Sunday, 19 June 2016

Kambili Puthappu

Kambili Puthappu

The title of this blog in Malayalam means a blanket(made of wool to be specific). But it gained an entirely different meaning once the movie ‘Ramji Rao speaking’ released in the early 1990s.

There is this hilarious scene in the movie where in a lady calls up the hero and ask him to bring “kambili Puthappu” for her. The hero pretends as if the telephone line is not clear and he is unable to understand what she is saying. This was to avoid the responsibility and thus the expense to bring the blanket. From then on, people of Kerala have been using this word whenever we want to dodge a request or we suspect that someone is dodging a question or a responsibility.

Now you might wonder what the 4G girl has got to do with this entire thing. I strongly feel this girl who is sort of a brand ambassador for a particular firm should be replaced and the lady in the picture should be given that role. This makes more sense since people have been complaining about the network issues of that particular provider. What say?

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