Friday, 16 September 2016

The Mallu English

The Mallu English

Malayalam is said to be one of the toughest languages. May be this is why Malayalees learn other languages faster. The flip side is that we add our own malayalee flavor to those languages :)

For instance, many a time, we go to a pizza shop and order a small pizza and a large Co**. No, we are not being perverts. All we want to order is a large Coke. But the way we say it makes it sound a tad bit vulgar. It’s just the influence of the language you see.

When we go for a small break, we might ask you if you want tea or cOOOffee?? Why do you guys laugh? Because we say coooffee? So you will laugh when we say ooofeece also right? Such snobs you all are.

Now, the sing song way in which we talk. Aaare we gooing theyar orrr nooot? Thanks to our beautiful language again, we try to implement it in other languages as well ;).

So now that we have made peace with it, understand that not all malayalees speak that way! Stop telling us that you don’t sound like a mallu! And accept the fact that whichever state you are from, your English has its own regional dialect. Just that we don’t take the pain to point it out every time J. It is just a language and none of us are perfect. So stop pointing it out and let’s simBly have a coofee BRAWWWW!!!!

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