Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Po Mone Modi ?

#PoMoneModi ?

I happened to see this hashtag trending on Twitter ~ #PoMoneModi . I do not endorse or criticize the politics about the hashtag. But I must say it’s quite smart and funny. So all of us from Kerala know what the hashtag means.

For those of you who do not hold the God’s own voter id, here is all you need to know. There was a time in Malayalam cinema where the heroes used to have super human powers. Thankfully, we are over that phase. In that forgettable era of Malayalam cinema, there was a film called ‘Narasimham’ which starred Mohanlal (we call him Lalettan). To be fair, that was a good movie but the ones which followed and imitated that movie were horrible.

So the hashtag mentioned here is inspired from “Po Mone Dinesha”, a dialogue from the film which literally means, “You Go Mr. Dinesh”, said in a contemptuous way. It caught on big time in kerala. Everyone from a little ‘Tintu mon’ to a matriarch started using this phrase. Like many phrases in Malayalam, it has a tone as to how you say it. Also, it has different connotations to it. Primarily, it is used as a dismissive phrase. Also, it is like belittling the other person in a way by calling him a kid. So how it is used in this hashtag here is for you to judge :)

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