Saturday, 29 August 2015

The curious case of Premam

The curious case of Premam

In Kerala, black is not considered as an auspicious colour. It is not usually worn during celebrations or auspicious occasions. But all that and much more has changed this year, thanks to the movie “Premam”.

For those of you who don’t know, “Premam” is a recently
released much loved Malayalam film with “Nivin Pauly” in the lead. The film was so successful that it inspired many firsts among the Kerala youth. Onam celebration in the colleges are heavily influenced by this film. All the guys will be wearing black shirts and a mundu (dhoti). It has become such a rage that all the colleges look like they are dyed in black.

The movie brought back beards in to vogue. Beards had made an exit from Kerala campuses long before except for a stubble here and there may be. But today, every kuttan, appu and Kannan worth his adolescence is growing a beard.

This movie was a pleasant departure from the-at-times - synthetic-new-gen movies. It had heart, soul and essence of the early 90s of Kerala. Unlike today's campus movies, it showed a smattering of politics too.

Usually, the movies inspire style trends in girls. This was the first time that a movie redefined the style statement of guys on such a large scale on the kerala shores. 

And yes, we guys in Kerala now are a confused and divided lot - to like Malar, Mary or Celine is the question ;)

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