Thursday, 6 August 2015



Kerala is not a state exactly known for job opportunities. Neither is it famous for the developments which our political leaders bring in to the state. This is one reason why almost every young guy or girl have to leave the beautiful state in search of job and live in constant nostalgia. This is truer for people who work in the Middle East.

But one thing which our politicians love doing is laying the foundation stone. ‘Tharakkallu’ is the Malayalam word for foundation stone. All our politicians do is announce schemes and lay the foundation stone. The schemes rarely pick up. In every important project of the state, you will see it etched in granite – “Foundation stone laid by so and so”. It is a major ceremony. I am sure it is a practice in other states too. 

But in Kerala, nothing gets built over this foundation stone. These days, things have improved slightly. But if we collect all the ‘tharakkallus’ laid over the past years, we can comfortably build an Engineering college. By the way, that is the latest fad in Kerala these days – building engineering colleges!

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