Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bobanum Moliyum

Bobanum Moliyum

        If you haven’t read ‘Bobanum Moliyum’, the seminal piece of literature by an immensely talented cartoonist Toms, your right to be a called a malayalee is lost by half!

        It is interesting to see how influential those characters have become in our day to day lives. We use the dog in this cartoon to refer to people who are omnipresent – who insists on being present everywhere.

        Ittunnan chettans are those people who have refused to grow wise with age. Chettathis are all those dominating wives who control their husband by a leash.

        Unnikkuttan has evolved in to Tintu mon in today’s world. We shall discuss about him in a later blog. Appi the Hippie are all those people who are pretentiously modern – those who throw in a word or a sentence in English when it is completely un necessary.

        We are all thankful to Toms for making us laugh and smile during a time when there weren’t much reasons to be happy about.

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