Sunday, 18 January 2015

Kerala’s Stand up comedy!

Kerala’s Stand up comedy!

These days, stand-up comedy is a very popular art. Suddenly, it has become a cool thing to do! I have great respect for stand – up comedians. One is because of the fact that it is a live audience. That requires guts. Second is the fact that one needs to be funny and spontaneous at the same time and that requires intelligence!

So why does stand-up comedy feature on Pinklungy? Because, this art form has been present in Kerala for eons now! It is called ‘Chakyar Koothu’. It mostly deals with puranas and stories from our epics. But more often than not, it includes ridiculing members of the audience of course in a way that do not offend them in a hurtful way. But at times, it also touches up on socially relevant themes of the time. So next time you see a stand-up act, tell the non- mallus that we have been there and done that ;)

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