Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pink Vodka

Pink Vodka

        No, this blog is not about the drinking habits of mallus. We will address that in another blog for that has become a part of the identity of being a mallu even if many of us like it or not.

        This blog is what my friend Sachin (He is from Karnataka) calls the mallu drinking water :) . He walked in to a Kerala restaurant and ordered drinking water. Here comes, a glass with a pink liquid in it. His malayalee friend drank it without batting an eyelid. 

        We malayalees know that it is just plain water boiled with ‘Dahashamini’ powder or ‘pathiukham’. This pink water is absolutely drinkable and it even has some medicinal values. People from outside find it a bit strange to drink this pink water.

        You might ask whatever happened to boiling plain water and drinking it? Well, that is just another way of mallus playing mind tricks on others ;)

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