Saturday, 2 August 2014

10 Months of Pregnancy

10 Months of Pregnancy

Yes, you read it right, 10 months! All malayalee mothers are doting ammas and take very good care of their children like all other mothers in the rest of the world. But the mallu mothers take a tad bit extra credit for it J.

Although pregnancy is 9 months long, mallu moms claim to have carried their children for 1 extra month – for 10 months. So in situations that demand emotional black mailing, they take out this dialogue: “10 masam chummanna ennodu nee ingane paranjille!” which means how could you say this to me who carried you in my womb for 10 months?

Either the mallu doctors have brainwashed the mallu moms and tricked them in to believing it is 10 months or they are taking extra credit ;). I think it is time someone investigated this.

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  1. I have never heard of this '10 months pregnancy'.

  2. hehehe... that one was nice ;)

  3. Mallu, and most Indian women, are right about ten months of pregnancy: They mean Lunar months of 28 days each as in the olden days.

    1. oh yea...dat is true... thank you for the info :)