Tuesday, 29 July 2014



 A steaming glass (not cup) of black tea with a dash of lime added to it. The rest of the world calls it black tea and we Keralites call it ‘Sulaimani’. Why is it called so? It’s in the history and on google. Let’s not fret about it.

This beverage owes a bit of its popularity to the veteran comedian of Malayalam cinema, Mr. Mamukkoya. In many a films, he has mentioned or offered this beverage with much love. Much recently, ‘Sulaimani’ made a comeback with a bang through the much loved film, ‘Ustad hotel’ too.

It is usually had as refreshment at any time of the day. We also have it after a heavy meal like a full on Malabari chicken biriyani. Quite often, people add a dash of lime also to it.

When you visit Kerala, make it a point to have a pint of sulaimani. Do not have it in those fancy mugs. You must have it in small glasses as one in the pic and have it by holding the rim of the glass allowing the steaming vapor to refresh you.

Kerala monsoon, a glass of ‘sulaimani’ and a group of friends to chat with. Believe you me, it is as close to heaven one can get!

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