Monday, 24 July 2017

Alternate endings #3 ~ Bharatham


There are many Malayalam movies which are close to our hearts. However, we wish if only the ending could have been different. ‘Alternate endings’ is an effort to imagine just that – what if those movies had different endings. 

Gopi (Mohanlal) becomes a world renowned singer. Devi (Urvashi) is by his side as a strong pillar of support. At every performance, he remembered his brother. He ensured that his nephew, Appu got the best in class training in music. He took Appu along for all the concerts too. At one of the international concerts, after singing a few Keerthanams, he said that his voice is strained. He asked Appu to sing. He was hesitant. Gopi insisted that he sings and sing he did. The audience appreciated with a thunderous applause. The musicians asked him, “Is the history repeating itself?” He just smiled. On the way back to the hotel, Devi asked “Even after singing continuously for three nights, your voice has never strained. It did not strain today also, did it?” . He smiled and replied “ After all these years, I will find peace in tonight’s sleep”.

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