Monday, 24 July 2017

Alternate endings #2 ~ Manichitrathazhu


There are many Malayalam movies which are close to our hearts. However, we wish if only the ending could have been different. ‘Alternate endings’ is an effort to imagine just that – what if those movies had different endings. 

Nakulan and Ganga moved back to Calcutta. They were happily settled with 2 kids – Naga and Gulan. Sunny used to visit them often. One day, to his surprise, Sreedevi was also there at Nakulan’s house. He was in touch with Sreedevi through letters and phone calls. He asked “You never said you are coming?”  “I wanted to surprise you”, said she. “I hear that doctors who treat psychiatric patients themselves fall ill by the end of their careers. Is that true?, she asked.  He said “Yes. At times, that happens. We deal with someone else’s mind for so long that we lose our own. But why are you bothered?”. She said “I was just thinking, it will be difficult to look after a mad psychiatrist in old age”.

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  1. Hi Pink Lungy,
    I came across your blog through blogadda. I'm also a blogger from Thrissur. I could not find your email id or about link to email you directly but I think we have the same silly and sarcastic sense of humor :-D and i got a good laugh out of reading your alternative ending posts! keep up the writing momentum. happy blogging!