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Shoe flower & Kerala

Shoe flower & Kerala

Many of you would have seen shoe flower – the beautiful red flower with broad petals. It is called Hibiscus if I still remember my biology lessons from school and in malayalam, it is called 'Chembarathy'. This plant’s leaves are said to be very good for one’s hair. In Kerala, people use it regularly for hair care.

You might wonder as to what is so peculiar about shoe flower in Kerala. Usually, after a temple visit, people keep flowers either on their hair or just above their ears. But if you choose to wear a shoe flower over your ears, the whole meaning changes drastically! It indicates that you have lost your mind. In less euphemistic terms, you have gone mad! Such a harmless flower and see what damage it can do to you!

Even in films, there are scenes where this quirkiness of shoe flower gives rise to a few laughs. In the film ‘Kalyana soungandhikam’, the lead actress, Divya Unni wears shoe flower all over her hair in a scene as advised by a fake guruji played by Dileep. This scene had the theatres erupting in laughter. Another famous scene from the film ‘Manichitrathazhu’ between Mohanlal and Pappu is shown in the picture here.

When you visit Kerala, whatever happens, DO NOT wear the shoe flower  :)

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