Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Crossing the Pamba!

Crossing the Pamba!

These days, river pamba is a hot topic of discussion in Kerala. For those from outside Kerala, river pamba is on the foothills of Shabarimala. Should women enter pamba, cross pamba or see pamba at all? Too much time and words are spend over such discussions. So Pinklungy as always shall provide a different perspective to pamba.

There is a usage called 'Pamba kadannu' which literally means 'crossed pamba'.  It is used to indicate something on the lines of 'Elvis has left the building'. So if someone had fever and is feeling better now, one can say 'pani pamba kadannu' which translates to 'fever crossed pamba' which means fever has long left the person. So next time someone says 'pamba kadannu', don't ask them "oh! On a boat or did you swim?" :)

p.s. Now don't start saying it is Pampa! It is not the Kerala English at work. It really is PamBa! :)

2nd p.s. Lord Ayyappa is the one of the most secular and progressive Gods. His best friend Vavar, is a believer of Islam. He doesn't care what religion his devotees belong to. How we wish if we all were so progressive!

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  1. Waoo!! Its amazing.. Its a holy place..