Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Question to Gulf Malayalee

The Question to Gulf Malayalee

A large population of Kerala is in Gulf so much so that at least one member of the family will be somewhere in the middle east.

A person coming from gulf is an occasion for the family. All the members will go to the airport to receive him/her. Although the anticipation of what is there in the bag of duty free shoppe bags is always there, as much is the love for the person J.
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The ‘gulf malayalee’ or ‘pravasi’ (in a more refined Malayalam) faces this perennial question right from the moment he/she lands at the airport. “Enna thirichu?” which means when is the return date?. Every single person; be it a friend, a relative, an acquaintance or even the local shop keeper will greet the gulf malayalee with this question J.

Ofcourse, no harm intended .It is just that it is the opening line to strike a conversation with a gulf malayalee. One might think that is not a justification at all. There are many other things to talk about in this world. But to understand its reasoning, you need to be a malayalee J.

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