Sunday, 6 April 2014

The ‘fa’ factor

The ‘Fa’ factor

        There is a group of people in Kerala who pronounces ‘Bha’ in  quite a different way J. For instance, ‘Bharatham’ will be Faratham for them! Shashi ettan’s studio ‘Bharani’ will be Farani!

        I really don’tknow how the primary level school teachers achieve this feat. Imagine teaching the kids the Malayalam akshara mala and telling them there are two ‘fa’s which are written in two different ways!

        My friend from Kottayam says it is only with Malayalam words that the do this cruelty ;). For example, if there is a board with ‘Bharat Petroleum’ written on it, they will read it the way the other human beings do. But if they see a board with ‘Bharathapuzha’ written in Malayalam, then they will read it as farathapuzha!

        The funniest part is when people from this part of the state think that ‘fa’ is the right way of pronouncing and the rest of the world is wrong in pronouncing the letter as’Bha’ J.

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