Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Newspaper & Mallu Fathers

Newspaper & Mallu Fathers

Newspapers and Mallu fathers are an inseparable pair.  When a child leaves for school, the father will be sitting with the paper. Same is the case when the child returns from school.

When his in-laws come visiting, the mallu man of the house will be even more stuck to his News paper.

When the child grows up and his/her friends comes visiting, there goes the father seeking solace in the News paper. This is especially true when the friends are of opposite genders.

This is so much a part of our culture that there is at least one frame in a Malayalam film where the father is reading a newspaper.

AS much is the interest in the happenings in the society, expressing displeasure is also achieved by a typical mallu head of the house by reading (or pretending to) the Newspaper J.

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  1. Exactly the same with my dad....

  2. best example for Newspaper reading Dads in Kerala :P